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I went to this site when I googled bulimia and I'm scared. I knew you could get sick and I thought only a few people could die but I heard all these stories like how someone died from choking on a toothbrush she used and that when you purge your heart could stop and lots of stuff could go wrong. I purge everything I eat, which isn't usualy much. I can't go a day if I eat something without purging. I really don't want help, I want to lose weight and it's to hard to stop. I do eat bad stuff and purge because people cook me stuff and I feel bad if I don't have it because they made it for me and I feel worse when I do eat it so I purge. I only eat when I'm with people, which is a lot and this is why I'm not losing weight. So whatever, I'll just eat celary when I'm around people saying I'm full or I'm sick, like before, and then they'll make me eat again...
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